[memb_is_logged_in][memb_contact fields=”FirstName”], there[else_memb_is_logged_in]There[/memb_is_logged_in] are (2) ways to work with me in my coaching program.

  1. Skype lessons
  2. Video-based Coaching

My Coaching With Willie program is available to all PianoWithWillie members.

Skype lessons are 20-minute lessons that can be scheduled once every month and give you direct access to me…live. I leave open several hours per week for students to book 20-minute lessons with me. Please be aware that since I’m in Eastern Time, it may be difficult for you to find a convenient time to schedule a lesson with me. If that’s the case, I suggest you use my video-based coaching program instead.

For best results, it is suggested that you use a wired Internet connection if possible. Sometimes wireless connections drop out and it becomes difficult to continue the lesson. Please also note, I have lessons scheduled back-to-back so please understand that I need to make a firm stop at 20-minutes. I appreciate your understanding on this!

If you don’t feel comfortable having a live, one-to-one lesson, my video-based coaching is a great solution. Using the provided question box, you simply tell me what issues you’re having at the piano and I’ll create a video explaining in detail how to proceed. You can even include a Youtube video link. Please only include (1) video and be sure to mark it as unlisted or public.

After scheduling either a Skype or video-based coaching session, you will be unable to add a new coaching request until your coaching request is fulfilled and 30 days have past. For example, if you submit a request for a Skype lesson on January 1st, you will not be able to schedule another coaching request until February 1st, or after your Skype lesson is fulfilled. Same holds true for video-based sessions.

If you have any questions, please click on the support tab at the bottom of the page or email me at wm@jazzedge.com.